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Something Like Summer (2017)
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Something Like Summer (2017)

Something Like Summer traces the tumultuous relationship of Ben and Tim, secret high school sweethearts who grow over the years into both adulthood enemies and complicated friends.
  • Duration: 1h 55min
  • Release: 2017
  • 6,1
Something Like Summer (2017)

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Something Like Summer (2017)
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Phuc Pham
#1 Phuc Pham Гости 29 May 2018 12:25
I cannot watch this film. Error: not found
#2 m Гости 8 June 2018 04:34
Loads every 2 seconds.
Lee Roy
#3 Lee Roy Гости 15 July 2018 02:50
Good movie concept but: Horrible acting, pierced storyline: unrealistic, unimaginative exaggerated. Awful dialogue. The movie had so much potential to be great. 
#4 J Гости 22 July 2018 13:51
Goes to the core.
#5 Dave Гости 26 July 2018 06:25
how awful ending, what am I suppose to learn? you can't have a happy ending?
#6 Vyck Гости 22 September 2018 22:57
This film was great overall. The only major flaw is that some scenes were fast paced, and the ending seem unfinished. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. Especially around the 14:50 mark when Benjamin first sings in front of Tim "Killing Me Softly". Beautiful film.